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Integrated Matrix Project Management
Optimized Product Development Strategies
Sponsor InternalFinancial Strategy and Management
Integrated Matrix Project Management
  • Develop, co-manage and guide project teams
  • Establish project timelines and milestones, using dynamic tools with intuitive reporting
  • Link progress to established project budgets
  • Track time and resources expended
  • Provide periodic tracking reports
Optimized Product Development Strategies
  • Identify and Integrate Business Needs and Good Science
  • Advise on pricing and profit goals based on:
    • - Competition
    • - Market Analysis
    • - Profit Objectives
    • - Drive for market share
  • Market Analysis
  • Profit Objectives
  • Drive for market share
  • Identify target markets
  • Advise on timing of product introduction
  • Support product efficacy claims
  • Focus product positioning based on:
    • - Formulation Consideration
    • - Method of Administration
    • - Clinical Acceptability
  • Formulation Consideration
  • Method of Administration
  • Clinical Acceptability
  • Review and participate in publication and presentation of results
  • Anticipate competitor product response
Sponsor InternalFinancial Strategy and Management
  • Develop project budgets
  • Advise on vendor qualification and selection
  • Compare program projections vs. established budget
  • Assess project milestones against projected expenditures
  • Identify cash flow needs
  • Direct financing initiative planning

Corporate Operations

Management Consulting
Technology Assessment
Management Consulting
  • Assess resources and develop staffing plans
  • Develop and evaluate business plans
  • Assist in the development of financing road shows
  • Participate in public presentations
  • Integrate technical teams and form matrix structure
  • Build efficient corporate infrastructure
  • Establish policies and procedures
  • Draft and implement Standard Operating Procedures
  • Organizational Planning:
    • - Finance: A/P, A/R, purchasing, and controlling
    • - Human Resources: benefits and compensation programs
    • - Administration: office management, filing systems, administrative support
Technology Assessment
  • Evaluate strength and longevity of Intellectual Property
  • Determine potential for practical, developable products
  • Identify logical development milestones
  • Chart valuation of products and product concepts in the competitive marketplace
  • Provide most likely scenarios for selection of viable products for pipeline